Multi-Room Audio Systems

Multi-room / Multi-Source Capability

If you think you might enjoy stereo sound in more than one room, consider multi-room audio capability an important feature. Some receivers can route signals to second or third rooms (also called zones), enabling you to enjoy stereo sound throughout your home with one receiver. Some receivers send analog line level signals (un-amplified)to the second room, in which case you will need an amplifier in that room.

Some receivers send speaker level signals which means you need only add speakers. Some have both low-level and speaker level outputs to the remote zone(s). In either case, you will have to run audio cables or speaker wires to the remote zone(s). Consider whether you have the skills and tools to do this, or if you need to hire a professional contractor or electrician to install the necessary wiring.

Whole house music and multi-room systems

Whole house music and multi-room systems are very popular in homes and condos of all sizes. There are many ways to send music throughout a home including wired and wireless systems that enable control from anywhere in the home. You can use an existing receiver as the center of a multi-room system or install a dedicated whole house music system.

Whole house music systems have a central component that sends music from selected sources (CD, radio, etc.) to each zone. It can send either line-level signals to amplifiers in each room, or have built-in amplifiers and tuners. All of these systems allow you to listen to any source in any zone and can be expanded from four to eight or more zones.

  • Best choice for performance and flexibility
  • Built-in stereo amps for each zone
  • Multi-source – listen to any source in any room
  • Expandable for more zones

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers for Whole House Systems

In-wall speakers are a great idea for whole house music systems. They offer good to excellent sound quality without speaker cabinets on the floor or a shelf and the grilles can be painted to match the room décor so they virtually disappear.